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Bloc de lumini VW


Compatible vehicles:

For Volkswagen EOS
For Volkswagen Golf / Jetta Mk5
For Volkswagen Golf / Jetta Mk6
For Volkswagen Passat CC
For Volkswagen Tiguan
For Volkswagen Touran
For Volkswagen Caddy       2004-2011
For Volkswagen Passat B6   2005-2009
For Volkswagen Scirocco    1999-2001

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Auto Euro Headlight Switch Control For VW For Volkswagen For Golf  For Jetta For Passat For CC


This item is a multifunction headlight switch
The part number is 5ND 941 431 B
The material is Chrome, and the color is black, looks very
It has width lamp, light beam and high beam, and fog light.
There is a silver pointer on the switch, you can put it to the

function you need.
Pull the switch a half is to turn on the front light, and whole

to turn on both front and back light.
This item has auto function,turn the pointer to Auto, the car would

open the light you need automatically in different situation.


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